Ubuntu install Hangs on Splash Screen Fix

When I was trying to install Ubuntu I experienced a very strange issue. The Ubuntu install hangs on splash screen for a very long time. I would select the option to try Ubuntu in the grub menu, and then I would get this strange screen with broken graphics. It looked like the graphics failed to load or something. The Ubuntu install freezes on that screen and would not advance. I eventually found out that this issue will occur if you are using an Nvidia Graphics card.

Top Linux Apps

I spent a couple of months using Linux as my secondary operating system. During that time, I came across some really useful Linux apps that satisfied my needs. So here’s my list of the top Linux Apps. HTOP To view the running tasks in Linux, all you need to do is open up a terminal window and type in the command top. This will give you a quick running view of all the active processes on your system.

Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu

I woke up Sunday Morning with a cool project in mind. I wanted to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu. The real reason for this was because I decided to give Jekyll a try and it was going to be my replacement for WordPress, but I digress. Another major reason to dual-boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu was so that I could keep all of my Android development and Web development stuff within Ubuntu and use Windows solely for video editing and gaming.

Create a VPN Server

There are three routes that you can take when setting up a VPN. You can either use a free one, buy a paid service or make your own. The advantage of free VPNs is that they are easy to setup; just install and they are ready to be used. My favorite VPN on Android is Opera VPN. The downside of Free VPNs is that they typically come with a 500 – 1GB data cap and are very slow.

Linux in Windows 10

Microsoft has done something really cool in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. They gave users the ability to use the Linux Bash Command Line from within Windows. This is not through a virtual machine nor container, but a subsystem that they previously added in an earlier Windows update. Here’s how you can enable Linux in Windows 10: What You Will Need: Windows 10 Anniversary Update How To: ­

Mac OS on Chromebook

Do you ever come across some crazy ideas? Well, this is certainly one of them. Running Mac OS on Chromebook is a lot easier than you think. Now keep in mind, you aren’t going to be able to do anything intensive on this. This is more a proof concept (like a lot of things that I do) and something just to admire. To do this, we are going to be doing some very convoluted emulation.

Remotely Turn on Computer with Linux

I really wish more people used WOL. It is probably one of the most underrated things in the world of wired networking. If you aren’t familiar, WOL (Wake on Lan) allows you to remotely turn on your computer. This could be from another computer or even your Android device. It works by supplying a little bit of power to your Ethernet card to allow it to listen for the “wake up” signal.

How to Install Linux

Now that you are familiar with Linux, how do you go about installing it? Well, the beauty of Linux is that there are many different flavors at your disposal, in the form of distributions. Each distribution offers its own pre-installed software and default desktop and environment. There are thousands of different Linux distributions to choose from. If you are looking for a distribution that fits your needs, check out this list of the top 11 best Linux distributions.

Install Kodi on Chromebook

Kodi (formely Xbmc) has become a popular in-home media platform. Luckily, getting it on your Chromebook is not much of a challenge. However, you will need to make sure that you have Linux installed on your Chromebook first. Here’s a short video on how to install Kodi on Chromebook.

Terminal commands: