Control Multiple Computers

Does your workstation setup contain more than one computer? I have my main desktop along with my surface setting in front of my at all times. I sometimes hate that I have to reach across my desk and switch between keyboards to type something. Luckily, USB sharing between the two devices is not difficult. Thanks to a garage app by Microsoft, you can control multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard very easily.

Use Android as Second Monitor

Having more than one monitor is useful for any power user (porn on one, games on another). So it’s possible to use an android device as a secondary monitor, but I recommend actually buying one if you want an easy setup. With that said, if you have a spare Android device laying around, you can use it as another monitor in your setup. To do this, we are going to use Windows and “trick” it into thinking that you have another monitor connected and then use TeamViewer to access the “fake” monitor.