Run Windows 11 on Chromebook

Here is how to run Windows 11 on a Chromebook. Surprisingly, it boots with the help of Linux Beta (Crostini) on Chromebook. Although Windows 11 was just leaked, we can already run Windows 11 on a Chromebook.

Play Steam Games on Chromebook

How to play Steam games on Chromebook using the new Linux beta. It's surprisingly easy to do thanks to an official script from Chrome OS developers which installs all the files and packages to install Steam on a Chromebook.

Stream Games to Chromebook using Moonlight

If you want to play Fortnite or PUBG on a Chromebook, you can do this through streaming. It’s very easy to stream games to Chromebook using Moonlight. The only requirement is that you need to have an NVidia 600 Series or higher graphics card. Enable Streaming in GeForce Experience App The first thing you need to do is enable streaming in the GeForce Experience app. Install Moonlight Extension on Chromebook You can go hereto download the moonlight extension.

Run any OS on Chromebook

If Chrome OS is not fulfilling your needs, all hope isn’t lost. You can run any OS on a Chromebook as long as it has an x86 processor (Chromebooks with an Intel Processor). That means you can run Windows on your Chromebook or even run Mint Linux on your Chromebook. Run Any OS on Chromebook In order to run any OS on your Chromebook, you will have to enable the legacy bios with USB booting.

Overclock Chromebook

Overclock Chromebook? It sounds like something that should be impossible to do. However, with the power of Linux, everything is possible. The Chromebook doesn’t have the typical bios that you would find on a standard PC. Therefore, you can’t easily change the CPU frequency. Using Linux, we can achieve a software FSB overclock or underclock. For this tutorial, let’s focus on underclocking because that’s the easier thing to do (damn that click bait).

Install Kali Linux on Chromebook

Kali Linux is a popular security focused operating system. It offers a lot of…eh…”interesting” use case scenarios. To install Kali Linux on the Chromebook is very easy. Crouton (the popular open source script that is used to install other operating systems on the Chromebook such as Ubuntu on Chromebook) can be used to install Kali Linux on Chromebook. What You Will Need: Crouton File Install Kali Linux on Chromebook On your Chromebook, start by opening the terminal:

Enable Developer Mode on Chromebook

If you want to get root acess or install Linux or Windows on your Chromebook at some point, then you will need to enable Developer Mode on Chromebook. To Enable Developer mode on Chromebook is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Get Started Start at your homescreen and hold the following keys: Your screen will briefly turn off before coming back on again. It’s going to be a white screen with the text OS verification.

Remove Linux on Chromebook

Tired of crouton? If you installed Linux on your Chromebook using the crouton installer and you’re ready to delete it, here’s how to remove Linux on Chromebook. Super Simple On your Chromebook, open up the Chrome browser. Then open up the terminal by typing in the following: Inside of the terminal, type in: Finally, type in the following command to delete Linux from your Chromebook. Replace precise with the version of Ubuntu or distribution of Linux that you’re using: